Rotary Dragon Boat Challenge


Well done on volunteering to be a team member in the 10th Annual Rotary Dragon Boat Challenge. Your responsibility as a paddler is to have fun, have a great day out, but also to contribute to the funds raised to support the many local and National charities. Obviously, each team tries to raise as much as they can for their nominated charity and the Rotary Charities this event supports. Your target is to generate at least £50 towards that aim. Your team manager will let you know whether it will be via Virgin Money Giving or by the traditional cash collection method. Whichever it is please remember there is no upper limit to what you can raise and for the team that raises the most money, an extra donation will be made to the teams nominated charity by the organising Rotary Clubs.


Obtaining Sponsorship

There are 2 ways of raising sponsorship monies:-


1.  Online Sponsorship  Please use our site @ Virgin Money Giving

Our preferred method is online giving, operated for us very successfully in previous years by Virgin Money Giving

Used properly you benefit by being able to keep an eye on the amount your team members are raising and if it is not up to your expectation, increase your fundraising to benefit your charity. It also removes from you the responsibility of collecting the money after the event and allows your friends, who were not able to contribute before the event, to contribute afterwards.

Detailed instructions on how to access and use the Virgin Money Giving website are below

We will also publish a link to your Virgin Money page on our website once you have registered.


2.  Cash Sponsorship

Team members can use this pdf-sponsorship-form-button.png along with its own set of instructions.

We strongly recommend that money is collected at the time of asking to ensure it is paid.

Setting Up Your Team Virgin Money Giving (VMG) Page

Please note that this is a different procedure to last year

We have been using VMG for a number of years now and it has proved to be very successful,

both in the collection of sponsorship funds and the reclaim of Gift Aid on those donations.

We are using again this year, but please remember that it is a new system.

Team Captains MUST set up a page following the instructions below, and then give the web site address for their page to all team members so that they can put all donations onto the site.


Instructions For Setting Up A VMG Page For Your Team

Click onto the deep-link below or type it into your web browser :

Once signed in you will see the following:

NOW – contact your team members and give them the web site address of your team and ask them to channel all sponsorship money through this page. You will get updates on how the fundraising is going and all members can see how much has been raised. You should also ask any members to note when they are donating that the donor needs to indicate to whom they are donating.

Remember – for sponsors to find your page they will need to know your name as the site does not recognise the team name in its search engine.


Sponsorship Goal


What's next?

Ensure you email with your team name, a link to your Virgin Money Page, and the name of your nominated charity and we will upload your details to our Sponsor a team  page

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